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Citroen Nemo Wins 2014's Best Light Van


The Citroen Nemo has been honoured by Van Fleet World as the Best Light Van of 2014, in recognition of the van’s high versatility and low running costs. The award joins with two others for the French manufacturer, making Citroen a triple threat in this year’s awards. Voices within Van Fleet World have been incredibly positive, with editor Dan Gilkes saying: “While there have been a number of car-derived launches in the last year, none matches the versatility and the load carrying capabilities of the Citroen Nemo.”

The Nemo Itself


Neither the accolades nor Mr. Gilkes’ words should come as a surprise however, as the Nemo has been a consistent recipient of the Best Light Van award for three years running. The praise is far from misplaced, as the van’s main line possesses a 1.3 litre HDi diesel engine which has a great combined fuel economy at 62.8 mpg, while having a fairly green CO2 emission 119g/km, or, if one opts for the HDi Stop & Start EGS 660 “LX” model, an even better combined fuel efficiency of 68.9 mpg and a CO2 emissions of only 109 g/km. When combined with the maximum load capacity of 660 kg and a compartment of 2500 litres (which can be brought up to 2800 litres by folding down the passenger seat), it makes for a highly economical commercial vehicle, practically unmatched in its class.

Additional Features


Despite the Nemo’s sleek and sensible passenger van exterior, the Nemo is a true commercial vehicle at heart. The Nemo’s asymmetrical rear swing doors make loading its considerable space a simple procedure, and it comes with a variety of bulkhead options, including but not limited to a modular mesh grille or a full steel with a window. The Nemo is touted for its capacity to function as a mobile office, with the passenger seat folding down to serve as a desk, and the Nemo offering bluetooth support.

Citroen's Response


Citroen itself is delighted with the award, as best expressed by Jeremy Smith, Head of Commercial Vehicles and Business Sector Operations: “[...]This latest Citroen LCV (light commercial vehicle) award reflects the company’s continuing efforts to provide its business customers with the most cost effective and practical transport solutions.” From a purely mechanical standpoint, the Nemo seconds Citroen's mission statement in resounding fashion.

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Already, manufacturers should be looking towards the 2015 awards, but with all its combined features of the Citroen Nemo, that might just be an uphill battle to try and dethrone this recurring champ.